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Not-for-profit, charitable organisation

Berkhamsted Sports Grounds Charitable Association Ltd. (“BSG”) marks its Centenary this year. It is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation formed in 1924 to hold, in trust, land in Berkhamsted for the purposes of sport and active leisure. The original funds to purchase the land from the Ashridge Estate came from an Anonymous Donor and from the residents of the town.

As a charitable association, it has the objective to improve the quality of life for the residents of Berkhamsted and the local villages by providing facilities and support for sport and active leisure clubs.

In 1984, land owned by the BSGCA near Berkhamsted station, was occupied by Berkhamsted Cricket Club and Berkhamsted Football Club. It was, however, not large enough to enable the clubs to progress. The land occupied by the pitch for Berkhamsted Football Club at that time was sold to developers to create the Broadwater estate (off Lower Kings Road). The revenue generated from the sale was used to create the current home of Berkhamsted Football Club at Broadwater and to purchase Kitchener’s Field for the creation of a new cricket ground and clubhouse for Berkhamsted Cricket Club.

Currently, the BSG owns freehold land and premises on Broadwater (off Lower Kings Road), Kitcheners Field (off Castle Hill) and part of the land at the tennis club. The land is leased to Berkhamsted Football Club, Berkhamsted Cricket Club and Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis & Squash Racquets Club at nominal rates to support increased participation in sport in the town.

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Registered Charity No. 298322
Registered Company No. 197307

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